CORE CONDITIONING - Thursday 10:15AM -11:15AM

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The core or trunk muscles prepare the body for movement, providing control and stability. An active core and pelvic floor function as a corset to protect the structural integrity of the joints, primarily the pelvis and lumbar spine, before any arm or leg movement has begun. A weak core is often the culprit behind injuries that seem to occur later in life without any apparent reason. The core class focuses on gaining power in the trunk through dynamic movement and concentrated work resulting in improved posture. The teaching approach involves connecting the mind with the body so that an increase in awareness is developed. The intention of this approach is to teach the participant to talk to their body so that it moves as the body is intended to move without risk of injury. Benefits of this class:
• increased body awareness
• better posture
• efficient recruitment of the muscles for sport and everyday life
• increased digestive function
• decreased injuries
A must for anyone who moves!

September 5th - December 19th
Instructor: Sharon Collins
Thursday 10:15-11:15AM
Cost: $176