CROSSFIT - Thursday 9:00AM -10:00AM

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This high energy and demanding class is suited to anyone who seriously wants to improve their overall fitness performance. After a lively warmup we begin our interval portion that includes four strength building exercises for thirty seconds each followed by one minute of cardio. There are three sets of intervals that are repeated twice…six sets in total. For the strength building portion we use weights, bands, balls, gliders or anything else that will challenge the participants! The workouts change every four weeks and the participants track their weekly progress.  We finish with a nice ten minute stretch.
Benefits of this class:
  • noticeable improvement of arm, core and leg strength
  • burns fat especially belly 
  • improved cardiovascular capacity
  • helps to improve athletic capabilities
  • improves cognitive function
Class Starts Starts March 21 and runs to June 20th
Instructor: Sharon Collins
Thursday 9:00AM -10:00AM
Cost $154