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If you travel, you don’t have to feel like you wasted your money on an entire session. If you get sick, you can take a class on another day. If you like variety or have a flexible schedule, you can try a bevy of classes to get you in shape. You can challenge yourself with a core class one day and relax in Yoga the next.
You choose the right program for you. 

The details: Each participant will receive a Fitness Pass. The instructor will punch a hole in your pass for each class you take. No card, no class. The card is non-transferable and cannot be carried over into other sessions. There will be no refund for unused classes. This pass cannot be used for Tae Kwon Do classes. As our yoga classes are half hour longer than all of our other classes, please bring $5 cash to each class. 

The Session starts September 4th and runs to December 17th. Flex passes expire at the end of each session.

10 Sessions  - $130