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Start your Friday morning with a challenging class. For the first 30 minutes we focus on cardio vascular endurance increasing the pace to a moderate level interspersed with 30 second intervals of higher intensity giving special attention to body positioning and posture. For second half of the class we begin strength building exercises for the upper torso, lower body and the core performing each one for thirty seconds. For the strength building portion we use weights, bands, balls, gliders or anything else that will challenge the participants! The workouts change every four weeks and the participants.  We finish with a nice ten minute stretch.
  •  noticeable improvement of arm, core and leg strength
  •  burns fat especially belly 
  • improved cardiovascular capacity
  • helps to improve athletic capabilities
  •  improves cognitive function

Finish your week with energy and vigor!

Class Starts Starts September 7th to December 14th
Instructor: Sharon Collins
Friday 6:30AM - 7:30AM