RELAX & UNWIND KRIPALU YOGA FLOW - Wednesday 7:30pm-9:00pm

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This end-of-day practice facilitates calming and quieting of your body and mind while increasing flexibility, releasing tight joints and cultivating a sense of inner peace. All levels of experience welcome!
Eileen encourages her students to approach themselves with mindfulness, self-acceptance and care. While connecting movement and breath, students are supported in safely & intuitively exploring the postures in a compassionate way that encourages inner reflection, stress relief and spiritual awakening. Each class begins with a centering and progresses into warm-ups & postures ending with a guided relaxation. All levels of experience welcome!

This is a scent free class! Please do not wear perfume, cologne, scented face/body creams or scented body care/hair care products, or, wear clothing containing chemicals such as: dryer sheets, perfumed laundry soap, cologne, perfume or scented deodorant.

Class Starts Starts March 20th and runs  to June 19th

Wednesday 7:30-9:00PM
Cost: $231.00